Ian Handricks
Owner: Generations


Sally will change your world! I am impressed by her positive, engaging and energetic attitude to business, her international experience with managing and interpreting data, and above all else, her charm and friendly personality.

Her approach to providing outstanding website design is founded in her drive to deliver the best that can be created and focus on her client’s needs and aspirations. Sally has an eye for detail, an ability to listen and fulfil client requirements and a heart to ensure absolute satisfaction.

I met Sally during a game of Bridge where I was immediately taken with her clarity of vision, ability to develop exciting intellectual discussion and her ambition to be the best that she can be.

I have no hesitation in recommending her and am confident that she will deliver beyond your expectations.

Ashley Reeves
Postgraduate Student


I consider myself one lucky lady to have come across Sally Shentova.

Ever since I was young, I have struggled with mathematics. I found maths scary, and it just didn’t click with me, or so I thought.

I met Sally because as I was progressing throughout my young adult years, I realized I needed to improve my understanding of basic mathematical principles in order to follow the career path of my dreams.

I met with Sally two times a week for a few months or so, and in that time, Sally completely shifted my view of mathematics. I went from being scared and afraid of numbers to perceiving maths as symbols that I can play with, analyze, make sense of, and come to interesting conclusions. I now see numbers as symbols of relationships, and Sally has helped me understand just how fascinating and meaningful these relationships can be.

Sally has shown me that maths lives at the core of our everyday lives. It is in the power structures of our societies, it determines our views of the world, and helps us structure our own ideas about who we want to be as people.

In addition to all of this, Sally has taught me many transferable skills that apply to my everyday life. She mentored me on analytical thinking, relationship management, career development, and so much more.

I documented as many of my conversations with Sally as possible in a little diary that I took to each session. I have now landed the job of my dreams, working towards a challenging and stimulating life-long career, and that little diary has been with me every step of the way.

I will be forever grateful for the effort and extent that Sally put into my learning.

I consider Sally an investment for my future as she has taught me things about the world no one ever has before, as well as a mentor, and a friend.

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