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What Makes a Great Homepage 


The homepage on your website is critical when it comes to attracting and keeping viewers on your site.

Many websites cram pack their homepages with lots and lots of words, pictures, information, scroll ups and scroll downs and many other distractions. They are trying ever so hard to overpopulate the screen with as much information as they can on the misguided belief that viewers will not visit other pages on the site.

But the facts are that people are too busy to read these days ... they are more inspired by images than words. Furthermore, like a shopkeeper, you should not put all your goods in the doorway (homepage) ... a doorway is for entering a shop ... not for displaying goods. Likewise the homepage of your site should be the "doorway" to the great information you can provide on other pages.

Let me help you design the layout of your site so that you take benefit from each and every visitor to your domain.

About Domain Names and Hosting

When we create your site, the company providing hosting provide you with a FREE .com domain name when you pay for the hosting. This is usually done when we’ve completed your site and it is ready to go live. This is your only hosting and domain name cost if you choose to use a .com name.

Therefore, it is unwise to pre-buy a .com domain name from somewhere else because you will needlessly pay for something that will be free with this hosting company.

If, however, you want a domain name then this will have to be purchased separately and we must know who is providing the domain name, the URL of the domain name host and the username and password to the domain name settings. 

Once your site is hosted and we have received your free .com domain name for it, we can then assign the name that is purchased separately to that site as well - which means that the website can be accessed either with the .com or the domain name.